isorad V2

Radiant floor insulation | Notable savings in energy | Easy to install
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High resistance | Fast and easy installation
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Efficient insulation

Exterior Insulation for Above Grade Walls

Air barrier/non vapor barrier rigid foam board insulation with a laminated membrane.

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Under Slab Insulation

Rigid insulation panel with a laminated membrane on each side. ISOCLICK clipping system.

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High Density Rigid Expanded Polystyrene Insulation

Ideal for applications requiring high compressive strength.

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Under slab insulation for radiant floor heating.

Insulation panel with a multidirectional tube retaining design and ISOCLICK ALIGN clipping system.

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Easy to install

The Isolofoam group commitment:

Our goal is to simplify insulation work by exploiting the intrinsic qualities of expanded polystyrene.